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Fashion accessories

Fashion accessories

Large hand bags can be in the trend, yet carrying a heavy weight could really shipwreck your backbone. Look at some hints about what styles, sizes and shapes will be best and what weight is not risky.

How to carry a handbag.
Carrying a hand bag in the crook of your arm can be a popular look, though it's mechanically poor. You're overstraining your shoulder, causing compressing between neck and shoulder. If you still wish carrying your bag on one shoulder, rotate between right and left sides.

The preferable materials.
Canvas or nylon is more preferable than leather since it's lightweight, though even when you like leather, the more substantial thing is to keep the load close to your body.

The healthy weight.
The experts recommend that the weight of a knapsack when loaded must be less than 15 % of your body weight. Therefore for a person who is 130 pounds, that's less than 19,5 pounds. A handbag should be 5-8% of body weight (as a result 6,5 to 10,5 pounds for a 130-pound individual).

The perfect styles.
A packsack with a waist belt and padded straps is optimal, as long as the load is shared substantially onto the hips. However a rucksack isn't for everyone and every day use. Evidently for work you may prefer to purchase something more corresponding. Next best for the organism is padded-strap cross-body bag. Third best is a shoulder hand bag with a wide padded strap or with 2 "rolled" straps.

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The correctly selected bag can smarten your form and accomplish a favourite clothing. Thereby it is critical that you select the model that is perfect for you.

You can use search engines like Yahoo!, Google, Bing to find fashion accessories and anything else you want. Read more about handbags on this page.

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